How To Change Last Name In NBI Clearance?

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in the Philippines is the main agency responsible for law enforcement and investigating major crimes, ensuring public safety and security. If you need to update or change your status with the NBI, this guide will help you through the process step-by-step. By following the instructions provided and making sure you have all the necessary documents ready, you can efficiently handle any updates or changes to your status with the NBI.

How To Change Last Name In NBI Clearance Online?

Changing your last name in your NBI Clearance online involves a series of straightforward steps designed to update your identification records seamlessly. Whether due to marriage, legal name change, or other personal reasons, it’s essential to ensure that all your legal documents reflect your current name accurately. By following the proper procedures, you can efficiently update your NBI Clearance without trouble.

How To Change Last Name In NBI Clearance?

Step 1: Gather Necessary Documents

Before proceeding with the status change, ensure you have all the required documents. The specific documents required may vary depending on the type of status change you are making. Commonly required documents include:

  • Marriage Certificate: For changing civil status from single to married.
  • Annulment/Divorce Papers: For changing civil status from married to annulled/divorced.
  • Death Certificate: For changing civil status from married to widowed.
  • Birth Certificate: For correcting or updating birth-related information.
  • Proof of Address: For changing or updating your residential address.
  • Identification Cards: Government-issued IDs for identity verification.

If you’re looking to change your last name, the first step is to get your NBI Clearance now to ensure all your current details are accurate.

Step 2: Fill Out the NBI Clearance Application Form

The NBI Clearance Application Form can be filled out online or manually at an NBI office. Here’s how to do it online:

  1. Visit the NBI Clearance Online Website: Go to the official NBI Clearance Online Services website (
  2. Register/Login: If you don’t have an account, register by providing your personal details. If you already have an account, log in using your credentials.
  3. Fill in the Details: Complete the required fields in the application form. Make sure to enter accurate and up-to-date information.

Step 3: Select the Reason for Changing Status

In the application form, there will be a section where you can specify the reason for changing your status. Select the appropriate option from the list provided. This is crucial as it helps the NBI understand the nature of your request and process it accordingly. Read details about How To Print NBI Application Form?

Step 4: Schedule an Appointment

After completing the form, you need to schedule an appointment for an in-person visit. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose a Branch: Select the NBI branch where you wish to process your status change.
  2. Pick a Date and Time: Choose an available date and time for your appointment.
  3. Print Your Application Form: Print out your completed application form and the appointment confirmation.

Step 5: Collect Your Updated NBI Clearance

Once your status change has been processed, you will be notified to collect your updated NBI Clearance. Visit the NBI office with your receipt and a valid ID to pick up your document. Also check NBI Center.

Changing your status with the NBI can be done easily if you carefully follow the steps provided in this guide. First, make sure to read through the guide thoroughly to understand each step. Next, gather all the necessary documents required for the process. It is important to check that all your documents are complete and correct before you start.