How To Pay Police Clearance In 7/11?

Getting your police clearance doesn’t need to be hard. You can do it easily at 7-Eleven. In this guide, we’ll explain each step, so it’s simple and convenient for you. You can pay for your NBI clearance at any 7-Eleven store without any trouble.

How To Pay Police Clearance In 7/11?

To simplify the payment process for this essential document, many individuals opt to pay their police clearance fees at 7-Eleven convenience stores. This method offers convenience and accessibility, allowing applicants to complete their payments at any of the numerous 7-Eleven outlets across the country. Through the utilization of the CLIQQ kiosk system available in these stores, applicants can easily initiate and complete their police clearance payments.

How To Pay Police Clearance In 7/11?


Step 1. Before You Go

    • Complete Your Online Application: Ensure that you have filled out your police clearance application online through the designated platform. Once completed, you should receive a reference number, which you will need for the payment process.
    • Prepare Payment Amount: Have the exact amount required for the police clearance payment ready beforehand. This helps to avoid any delays or complications during the payment process.

Step 2. Finding a Store:

    • Locate a Store with CLIQQ Kiosk: Use the store locator feature on the official 7-Eleven website or inquire directly at your nearest store to confirm if they have a CLIQQ kiosk available. The CLIQQ kiosk is essential for processing payments for various services, including police clearance.

Step 3. Starting the Payment Process

    • Access the CLIQQ Kiosk: Upon arriving at the 7-Eleven store, locate the CLIQQ kiosk within the premises.
    • Navigate to Bills Payment: Use the touchscreen interface on the CLIQQ kiosk to access the bills payment section. Read about How To Change Last Name?

Step 4. Selecting Police Clearance Payment

    • Find the Option: Within the bills payment section, search for the option specifically designated for paying for police clearance. This option may be indicated by a unique logo or identifier.

Step 5. Providing Payment Details

    • Enter Information: Input your police clearance reference number and contact information as prompted by the interface.
    • Accuracy Check: Double-check all entered details to ensure accuracy before proceeding further.

Step 6. Verifying Information

    • Review Details: Take a moment to review all the information you’ve entered on the screen to ensure everything is correct.
    • Correction Option: If you notice any errors or inaccuracies, navigate back through the interface to make the necessary corrections.

Step 7. Completing the Transaction

    • Confirm Payment: Once you’ve verified that all details are accurate, proceed to confirm your payment through the CLIQQ kiosk.
    • Follow Instructions: Follow any additional on-screen instructions provided to ensure the successful completion of the transaction.

Step 8. Printing Your Payment Slip

    • Print Receipt: After confirming your payment, the CLIQQ kiosk will generate a payment slip.
    • Retrieval: Retrieve the printed payment slip from the kiosk, as you will need it to proceed with payment at the cashier counter.

Step 9. Paying at the Counter

    • Present Payment Slip: Present the payment slip to the cashier at the counter.
    • Payment: Pay the required amount for your police clearance as indicated on the slip.

Step 10. Keep Your Receipt

    • Retain Receipt: Keep hold of the receipt provided by the cashier as proof of your payment.
    • Importance: This receipt will be necessary when collecting your police clearance, so ensure you keep it safe and accessible. Get details about nbi near me.

When you pay for your police clearance at 7-Eleven, it’s easy and convenient. Just follow these steps we’ve listed out, and you can finish paying smoothly and quickly. This way, you’ll get your police clearance without any trouble.